Globalization is the foundation of a new modern world dominated by technology development.The presence of globalization is marked by new complex problems and challenges caused by the lenient investment regulations, transnational business activities, freedom of information for the community. There are at least five most feared threats in the near future to come. They are terrorism acts, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, sea piracy, and computer crime.

Indonesia is a potential country for international business development. It is a strategic location, with abounding natural resources and qualified human resources, for long term investment, international business, and also leisure. Unfortunately, the security risk investment in Indonesia is considered high. Terrorism, high crime rate in major cities, local conflicts in regions, and social problems that lead to political instability, always shadowed security condition in Indonesia. Security is the combination of human, technology, and  system. Security is a combination of human intelligent, hi-tech security equipments, and applicable security system to prevent all kind of security threats. Applying the right security system supported by well-trained, professional, security technology literate, and experienced personnel, equipped with hi-tech security devices to deal with all kind of security threats. Outsourcing security service is one of the best solutions for your partner in security.

PT Putratama Bhakti Satria, using PROTECOM as a brand name, is a professional outsourcing security company, founded in 1999. PROTECOM has experiences in guarding business sites, offices, residential area, public places, and mining sites for years. PROTECOM has more than a thousand experienced and dedicated security personnel, well trained K9 unit for all types of assignment, providing security devices, and security consultation on security problems inside your business area.